About Us

Every good Artist starts with a good story.

Steven begun his artistic career in 1996 following his redundancy from a large Ministry of Defence workshop where he spent many years as a working charge hand for 5 departments: Welders/tinsmiths, carpentry, textiles, paint-shop and general fitters. During his time with the MOD, he was exposed to a sculpture that left an impression on him, crafted by a highly skilled welder at the local nuclear power station in Dungeness.

“The 16+ years of MOD work along with his 12 years with the territorial army R.E.M.E gave Steven the opportunity to work with a vast array of materials, machinery and people.”

It was the welders piece of work that sparked the fire of inspiration that would set Steven to pursue his art. He knew that he would hone his craft and specialise in steel/metal sculpting and spent the subsequent 20+ years focusing on mig/tig welding techniques performed on mild/stainless steel.

Having a degree of success in the early 2000s, Stevens work started getting noticed. He would be specially commissioned for his talent to create sculptures in Eastbourne and more notably in Kemsley fields, Sittingbourne. These two impressive sculptures stand as testaments to his work in beautiful public settings for all to enjoy.

Steven has had the opportunity since to collaborate with many other talented artists, namely Mandy Monroe, creating custom guitars, basses and sculptured band equipment.

“If Steven isn’t crafting he’s usually playing guitar and singing!”

Stevens Work Is Viewable In The Gallery